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Nespresso & You

If anyone knows how to create a sense-stimulating coffee experience, that is Nespresso. With the launch of their loyalty program - Nespresso & You - the company creates one more connection with their customers.

Our team at Imaginastudio, commissioned by Bader Creation, has put together a snapshot of a coffee workshop at Nespresso’s boutique in Geneva. The viewer becomes a part of a social group, and is stimulated with images, sounds, and textures - signature elements of Nespresso’s coffee.

Because having a cup of coffee is more than just a commodity - it’s a wholesome experience.

agency Bader Création director of creation David Bader director Maxime Durand with Axelle Delisle, Anne-Elise Barre, Myriam Bourguignon, Frank Messina, Mary-Noelle Rochat,Yannick Rosset director of photography Grégory Bindschedler camera assistant Thibaud Maury gaffer Pierre-Olivier Bachman stylism Pascale Hug make-up Noélia Di Jesus, Françis Ases decor Lola Sacier food stylist Delphine de Montarlier special effects Thibaud Maury, Julien Nicaud unit mangager Dirk Appermont, Nicolas Jean-Pierre

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